Just a short post today....I know it's been awhile 😦 So sorry about that! life has just been absolutely CRAZY lately with school and family things as well as volunteering. However I promise that I will try and get back to it - maybe not posting everyday, because that might be a bit much, but at … Continue reading Back



Was the last time I posted really in June? I can't believe I've gone the entire summer without posting a single blog article! I keep telling myself to keep up with it, but I never do :,( However, as I'll be spending more time online this year due to other things going on, I'll hopefully … Continue reading Whoa.

I’m Back!

Hello! Yipes, it's been awhile since I've blogged - according to WordPress, about 24 days. I have excuses - I mean reasons - though! I've been swamped with finishing up schoolwork for the end of the year. My Theatre group recently performed a play-in-a-day event FBF doll requests have kept me busy (I love making … Continue reading I’m Back!

Have You Been Infected By the Crochet Bug?

Infect Have you too been  infected by the crochet bug? I know that I have been! Left and right, covering my desk, all over the floor (whoops) is yarn and half-done projects. Of course, there's the fact that it's recently been Mother's Day and I've been busy gift-making for my mom and grandma, but still … Continue reading Have You Been Infected By the Crochet Bug?

Birthday Challenge

Ah, birthdays. I don't have that big of a family, but when you count friends and relatives, the number of birthdays that are celebrated increases phenomenally. With all of those birthdays, I need a lot of present ideas. Since I love to crochet, my goal is to create a crocheted birthday gift for every person I know, … Continue reading Birthday Challenge

Who Taught You to Crochet?

Crocheting is mainly learned in one of two ways: Someone from your family taught you, or you taught yourself. For me, it was my Grandma who offered to teach me crochet. At that point, I was probably 6 or 7, so I didn't really have much of an interest in doing something where you have … Continue reading Who Taught You to Crochet?

WIP Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe that it's already almost the end of April -- May is coming up way too soon! I've had a few projects pull to a close, but I've also begun several more....I always seem to be doing that. Working on: Mini-Me (needs outfits) FBF doll Slippers for myself 😛 Blanket for … Continue reading WIP Wednesday!