Work In Progress Wednesday

I’ve decided to have a designated post for Wednesdays – WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wednesday!


Above is the blanket that I’m working on – it’s for the CAL! Pattern to be released on Tuesday 😀

Anyways, I’m using two different colors in worsted-weight yarn: Lion Brand White/Red Heart White and, I think, Snowflake Coral yarn. I’m also using a Boye hook, size J.

I’m actually not really working on more than just that blanket – now I realize that I want to work on much, much more! I just need more yarn…

However, my birthday is coming up, so hopefully I’ll get some yarn then! And I’m also planning on buying green and black yarn for my current Feel Better Friends doll – another project that I’m working on. I’m not going to share any pictures just yet, though – much too early, as there aren’t any clothes or hair added to the little doll yet.

I am also working on the granny square box, but that’s mostly completed. I just need to sew the sides together and stitch up the lining. After that, I’ll share the pattern that I’ve created from it and post up another Stash-Buster for y’all!

And now I’m realizing that this doesn’t relate much to the daily prompt, so I’ll add that in now!

Today’s daily prompt is the word ‘dim’. However, I’d like to talk about brightness. Yes, it’s the exact opposite of the word dim, but I’m going to rebel against the word this time 😛

I love working with bright yarn – that’s why I’m using bright white and the coral color for my blanket!

Do you prefer yarns that are brighter or more dim (I think that works :P)?

What’s your favorite brand of yarn? Weight? Favorite crochet hook?

Thanks for reading! God bless.



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