Daily Prompt: Meander


I suppose that one could say I’m meandering through my yarn stash journey. Meaning that, I’m not out buying loads of yarn (mainly because I don’t have the cash to :P), but, rather, taking it slowly.

Yesterday, I got three full rolls of Red Heart Super-Saver yarn for 4 dollars. That’s only a little over 1 dollar per roll – and they were in great shape!  Yes, I bought them at a thrift store, but they were wrapped up in plastic and still had the ball bands on them! I consider that a great find 😀

Another new addition to my stash was a gigantic 1-pound ball of skin tone Caron yarn. It’s super soft, and THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT!!!!! I can’t wait to make lots of FBF dolls and amis with it!

I also received (this was for my birthday) 4 rolls of netting to make scrubbies and other fun stuff that I don’t know of yet with! I’ll try and post a scrubbie tutorial later on today.

Along with that, there was one roll of soft yellow Vanna’s Tapestry yarn – SO SOFT!!!!! And the color was absolutely vibrant.

Lots of cute odds and ends of balls were given too – that’s what I’m using for my daisy-hexagon project! I’m still not totally sure what to make out of it. I tried to line them up for a shawl, but it didn’t really work…


The final roll of yarn was I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby. It’s such a cute yarn – white-ish pink-ish with cute bits of yarn/wool hanging off of it at random spots. I believe that it’s tweed style yarn. Again, SOOOOO soft! I want to make socks with it 😀

There was also a bag filled with crochet supplies and other handy dandy stuff! In there was a pack of wooden crochet hooks with beautifully carved ends, a pack of elastic, safety eyes (black), safety eyes (cat-style!), silky ribbons, and more!

And the biggest gift of all? A beautiful, lovely, and totally awesome folding box to store my crochet supplies in! It’s actually a makeup case, but it’s so big that it works perfectly for crochet tools! I’ll have to post pictures of it soon.

How do you go about adding to your stash? Do you meander through it’s increasing stage, or you go all-out and buy every kind of yarn under the sun?

Thanks, and God bless!



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