Christian Playlist and Daily Prompt


What in crafting is foreign to you?

To me, it’s several things. Part of this would be yarn and gauge – still haven’t quite figured out the best and easiest way to calculate gauge. That, and I’m too lazy to crochet up a practice gauge square. Anyways, another foreign crochet term to me would be the UK terminology versus the US terminology. It simply doesn’t ‘click’, so to say, with me. I can’t remember what means what without having to practically re-write the pattern!

On a brighter note, though, Easter is coming up quickly! Easter is such a wondrous and beautiful time of year. This year it feels like it’s going to be even better, because I know Christ my Savior even more! Reading my Bible and going through devotionals has definitely drawn me closer to the Lord. I challenge you to read your Bible every day, along with some sort of Devotional to make yourself think, at least Easter. I promise you that it will make you feel stronger, better, and closer to God. It sure has worked for me.

I know that related nothing to the topic, but I thought that it would still be good to put it out there. Afterall, the topic of the Lord and Easter might be foreign for some – and that makes me very sad. I’m praying for you all.

As the time passes, and we get closer to this Holy holiday, I’m updating my Christian Contemporary playlist. Well, not really a playlist, just whatever Christian song I feel like listening to. Here are some really awesome ones that I’m listening to.

We Are Messengers – “Magnify” (I’m listening to it right now!)

Newsboys – “Live with Abandon”

Newsboys – “Restart”

Ryan Stevenson – “The Gospel”

Casting Crowns – “Glorious Day” (Perfect Easter song!)

That should hopefully give you a few ideas of songs to add to your playlist!

Thanks for reading, and God bless y’all.



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